Le Quesnoy, France
George Edmund Butler: Capture of the walls of Le Quesnoy, 1920

Remembering the New Zealanders who fought and died for our freedom in both World War I and II.

The Museum Project

We are seeking your help to establish the first permanent New Zealand War Memorial Museum in the town of Le Quesnoy, France. The museum will exhibit interactive and precious historic collections, focusing on New Zealand’s military involvement in Europe and our significant contributions in both World Wars: - a way of telling New Zealand soldiers’ stories. An integral part of the experience will provide resources to allow research into the location of New Zealand soldiers’ graves.

How can you help preserve history

Driven by ‘kiwi’ ingenuity, our brave New Zealand soldiers singlehandedly liberated this small French town without the loss of any civilian lives.

Imagine being a young person today and giving up your freedom and potentially your life to fight in a war on the other side of the world. We cannot possibly comprehend what it must have felt like for the thousands of young New Zealanders who fought and died in World War I and II. Almost 100 years on, New Zealand has no permanent or dedicated site in Europe to honour and preserve our legacy. New Zealand has no place to tell the many remarkable stories of bravery and sacrifice.

4th November 2018 in France

The launch of the museum project will take place on the site on 4th November 2018 to mark the centenary of the liberation of Le Quesnoy by New Zealand soldiers.

Proposed museum building in Le Quesnoy, France

Le Quesnoy
New Zealand’s Great Achievement

The storming of Le Quesnoy becomes almost the cornerstone around which we build New Zealand achievements in the first World War.
Dr. Chris Pugsley, War Historian

Almost 100 years since the NZ Division liberated the town of Le Quesnoy

Le Quesnoy

Over 77 days, the New Zealanders led the way for hard fought miles to Le Quesnoy

World War I

135 New Zealand soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice that day in Northern France

The Human Cost

Photographs from the liberation of Le Quesnoy, France


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"Multi-million dollar New Zealand war memorial underway in France"

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"NZ trust buys historic French property for war museum"

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