The Museum Project

We are raising funds to purchase the historic mayoral mansion and surrounding gardens in Le Quesnoy, France and repurpose the mansion into a museum. The museum will exhibit interactive and precious historic collections, focusing on New Zealand’s military involvement in Europe and our significant contributions in both World Wars: - a way of telling New Zealand soldiers’ stories. An integral part of the experience will provide resources to allow research into the location of New Zealand soldiers’ graves.

4th November 2018 in France

The opening of the museum will take place on 4th November 2018 to mark the centenary of the liberation of Le Quesnoy by New Zealand soldiers. This occasion will be a significant celebration for the town as well as for the NZ government and military.

The Museum development

In addition to the mansion’s conversion, existing outer buildings in the gardens will be repurposed into self-catering accommodation for travelling visitors, which will increase revenue to the overall project and partially offset museum operating costs. In a subsequent phase, a secondary building will be constructed and annexed to the mansion to increase the overall exhibition area to an optimal size for this scale of museum.

The Museum And Tourism

This unique project is being carried out in cooperation with the Le Quesnoy town council and aims to support and contribute to the local French community. A portion of the main entrance will be shared space with the town’s tourist information office and staffed by the town, which will increase tourist awareness of the museum and cement the partnership with the town as well as optimize staffing costs.